Case study: Flood control dam, Kamaraki stream, Rethymno

Location of the case study

Rethymno, Crete, GR

Description of the application

Rethymno faced severe damages during past flood events the main of which occurred on October 1991 and on November 1999. One of the engineering measures that were selected for flood defence was the study and construction of four small flood control dams in the upstream area of the three main streams that cross the city (two in Kamaraki stream, one Sinatsaki stream and one in Koraka stream). The three of them have already been constructed whereas the final study of Koraka dam has been completed. The aforementioned dams also enabled sediment retention that was causing blockage problems in the main cross sections of the downstream drainage conduits.

lessons learned

The construction of the dams had positive impact and assisted in the partial flood protection of the city. But still, there are several more streams that drain through the city and can cause flood problems. Apart from that, maintenance works in the downstream structures are necessary e.g. cleaning grates that ensure their proper functioning and keep the whole cross sections of the conduits active.

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Flood control dam

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