Case study: Vulnerability assessment of people and properties on territory, Les Boucholeurs

Location of the case study

Les Boucholeurs, FR

Description of the application

Before planning of actions to reduce the vulnerability of people and property, municipalities have made a diagnosis measuring the vulnerability of their territory. This helped to identify priority sectors and issues. Subsequently, targeted diagnostics were performed (housing, business, ..). Eg on housing, measures or development of equipment can be implemented during a renovation or construction, in order to limit the damage caused by flooding, could be imposed on certain frames located in areas subject to danger. Examples of such measures are: - Creating a refuge area upstairs for goods and people - Design of an access from the inside and outside making the evacuation of residents easier - Materials impervious to water Jobs (partitions, lining, flooring ...) - Decommissioning of water networks and equipment (boiler, electrical network, telephone system ...) - Leveling and filling openings (cofferdam ...) - Controls floating objects, dangerous or polluting

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10.000-100.000 €

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Vulnerability assessment

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