Case study: Beach nourishment, Les Boucholeurs

Location of the case study

Les Boucholeurs, FR

Description of the application

The application of beach nourishment in the area of Chatelaillon, aims to stabilize solarium and beach profile which play an important role in damping the swell and thus allow the reduction of the risk of coastal flooding. The wide beach of Chatelaillon undergoes regular and important marine erosion. This action also aims to introduce the sand stock management methods: -Programming Periodic topographic campaigns to analyze the evolution of beach profile -Programming Of réengraissement work The objective is to maintain a constant profile over the entire range of linear: -A Solarium 4m NGF with a cross section of 35 m -A Range of profile of 80 m and a side slope between 7 and 8% The average volume of sand intake is estimated at 60 000 m3. Based on annual sediment budgets, the overall nourishment work could be carried out every 10 years.

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Beach nourishment

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