Case study: Regulation of Grevebækken, Greve Landsby

Location of the case study

Greve Landsby, DK

Description of the application

Greve Landsby is prone to flooding due to heavy rainfall. In 2008, analysis of runoff and drainage capacities at Hederenden and Grevebækken was conducted, and measures for reducing flood risks were identified. The project involves: 1. Establishment of a 20,000-m3 basin at the existing overflow basin from the combined system in Tune. 2. Modify Grevebækkens path to integrate with the rainwater basin in Greve Landsby. 3. Expansion and renewal of Grevebækkens profile between Greve Toften and Degnestrædet and reduction of high flows at Degnestrædet. 4. Establishing basin volume downstream of Greve Landsby. 5. Increased dimensions for selected pipes in Greve Landsby. 6. Emergency preparedness

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100.000-1.000.000 €

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