Case study: Smart Flow, Reiderland

Location of the case study

Reiderland, NL

Description of the application

The municipality of Reiderland was having problems with the sewers: there was leakage and too many overflows, resulting in pollution of the groundwater and surface water. The municipality wanted to convert the sewerage system from a combined to a separated system. This resulted in the development of a Smart Flow system: a new pipe was installed for dry-weather flow, the current sewer was left in place and is used for rainwater collection.The first rainfall, which is the most polluted, is carried off to the sewerage treatment plant. Although there were additional costs as house connections had to be modified, a cost reduction of 15% was generally achieved in comparison with the costs applicable to a conventional system.

lessons learned

Applicable to other municipalities or countries, bearing in mind any limitations of the sewerage system.

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