Case study: Dual reservoir function, New York

Location of the case study

New York, US

Description of the application

Due to climate change, in most parts of the world, drought and flood events are going to be more frequent and to affect regions which were initially only impacted by one of these hazards. In New York, USA, a study has been launched to adapt the water supply reservoirs for a dual use as flood control facilities. To adapt the reservoirs, the dams’ infrastructure and their operation needed to be adapted. In particular, releases of water should be made in order to maintain a void in the reservoirs. An increased flexibility will be required in order to best adapt the reservoir levels to the seasonal demand and to expected or unexpected weather events.

lessons learned

In this context, the dual use of reservoirs for water supply and flood protection is relevant. This needs, however, appropriate design and management. In fact, the structure needs to be able to adapt quickly to low and high water levels, and the management shall target optimum water volume to be stored for each period of the year.

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