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Construction of flood gate, pumping station and dike wall, Hoopte, Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Construction of Trischendamms, Friedrichskoog, Schleswig- Holstein, (20th c.)
Dike inspection and reinforcement, North Sea coast, Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Management of water level of swamps, Les Boucholeurs
Red alert exercise and Protection plan, Les Boucholeurs
Afforestation, North Rhine-Westphalia
Detention basin, South-East England
Flood insurance initiatives
Construction of dikes and flood barrier, Wedeler Au, Schleswig-Holstein (20th c.)
Construction of flood barrier, Billwerder bay, Hamburg (20th c.)
Flood Insurance, GDV
Redesign of flood protection system, Hamburg (21st c.)
Combination of measures, Saulxures and Pulnoy, Nancy
Hydraulic fillings: Hollerwettern-Scheelenkuhlen, Vorland Glückstadt, Fährmannssand, Hanskalbsand until Neßsand, Hetlinger Schanze, Bützflether Sand, Schwarztonnensand, Pagensand and Giesensand (20th c.)
Tidal Elbe concept, Spadenlander Busch, Kreetsand (21st c.)
Building of 60 polders in the port area (private flood protection), Hamburg (20th c.)
Channel adjustments, Freiburger Watt, Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Construction of dike, Groden (Hadeln), Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Construction of pumping station with sluice and two weirs, Kuckuckshorn/Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg (20th c.)
Flood barriers, Nikolaifleet and Herrengrabenfleet, Hamburg (20th c.)
Flood protection system, St. Pauli Fischmarkt, Hamburg (20th c.)
Part backfilling and Port restructuring, Mühlenberger Loch, Hamburg (21st c.)
Relocation of dike, Alte Süderelbe, Hamburg (20th c.)
Relocation of dike, Hahnhöfer Sand, Hamburg (20th c.)
Shore replenishment, Siebenhöfen, Lower Saxony
Dam, Hanskalbsand and Neßsand (20th c.)
Adjustment of fairway, Stadersand, Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Adjustment of fairway, Lühe, Lower Saxony(20th c.)
Excavations of Schwarztonnensand, Hamburg (20th c.)
Les Boucholeurs 4
Smart Flow, Reiderland
Dike, Les Boucholeurs
Redesigned flood protection system, Hamburg Port (20th c.)
Relocation of dike, Nordkehding, Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Relocation of dikes, Krautsand and Asseler Sand, Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Adjustment of fairway, Lühe and Stadersand, Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Flood forecasting and early warning, Marbella
Flood barrier, Lühe, Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Groin, Les Boucholeurs
Artificial sand dunes and dune rehalibitation, Les Boucholeurs
Beach nourishment, Les Boucholeurs
Regulation of Grevebækken, Greve Landsby
Increased capacity of sewer/drainage system, Paris
Observatory of exposure and vulnerability, Les Boucholeurs
Climate Change Adaptation, Greve
Dike construction, Glücksatdt Nord (20th c.)
Combined measures, Karlstrup Mose, Denmark
Safety margins in new investment, River Neckar, Baden-Württemberg
Bluebelt Project, New York
Wetland restoration, Danube Delta
Building elevation, Hafencity, Hamburg
High water flood mark, Les Boucholeurs
Land use plan, Les Boucholeurs
Maintenance of hydraulic structures of the storm drainage system, Les Boucholeurs
Flood hazard mapping, Marbella
Flood forecasting and early warning, Marbella
Construction of flood protection walls and sluice, Cuxhaven, Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Construction of sluice and pumping station, Alsterfleet, Hamburg (20th c.)
Construction of sluice and pumping station, Bullenhausen, Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Dike construction, Cranz, Hamburg (20th c.)
Combined measures, Schleswig-Holstein, Seestermüher Marsch (20th c.)
Flood barrier and dike, Stör, Schleswig-Holstein (20th c.)
Flood barrier, Este, Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Flood barrier, Schwinge (Stade), Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Redesign of flood protection system, Hamburg (20th c.)
Sluice, Gose and Dove Elbe, Hamburg (20th c.)
Emergency Operation Centre, Marbella
Construction of storm surge/flood barrier, Lühe, Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Construction of flood barrier, Freiburger Hafenpriel, Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Construction of Seeve flood barrier, Wuhlenburg, Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Construction of the Elbe weir, Geesthacht , Schleswig- Holstein (20th c.)
Continuous deepening of the tidal Elbe to 13,5m under MTnw with time, Tideelbe, Hamburg, Schleswig- Holstein, Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Fairway adjustment, Elbe river, Schleswig- Holstein, Lower Saxony(20th c.)
Flood barrier, Oste, Otterndorf, Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Shore replenishment, Schleswig-Holstein (20th c.)
Re-building of the Bisagno cover, Genoa
Storm tide sluice, Friedrichskoog, Schleswig- Holstein (20th c.)
Increase capacity of sewer/drainage system, Berlin
Construction of lood barrier, Ilmenau, Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Damming by flood barrier, Wischhafener Süderelbe, Lower Saxony, (20th c.)
Dike construction, Twielenfleth, Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Dry-proofing, New York
Hydraulic filling of islands, Tidal Elbe, (20th c.)
Expansion of Rhinplatte Inseln, Rhinplatte (20th c.)
Dike reinforcement, Land Hadeln, Lower Saxony, (20th c.)
Awareness raising, Les Boucholeurs
Increased capacity of sewer/drainage system, Thames, London
Green roofs, Vesterbro, Copenhagen
General plan - dike reinforcement, dike shortening and coastal protection,Marshland, Schleswig-Holstein (20th c.)
Afforestation, Ancient Olympia, Ileia
Combined Measures, Acharnai, Attica
Dike, Bützflether Sand, Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Dwelling mound concept, Hafen City, Hamburg (21st c.)
Aquifer recharge, Maldives
Aquifer recharge, Veurne Region
Bypass channel, Bisagno River, Genoa
Dual use of recreational and flood control measures, Ceres, California
Multi-functional flood defences, De Stadswerven and Westflank, Dordrecht
Dual reservoir function, New York
Floating houses, Maasbommel
Flood gate, Prague
Stormwater harvesting, Australia
Flood control dam, Kamaraki stream, Rethymno
Flood hazard mapping, Manila, Ho-Chi-Minh, Bangkok
Flood forecasting and Early warning, Les Boucholeurs
Vulnerability assessment of people and properties on territory, Les Boucholeurs
Green wall, London
Flood control dam, Rapentosa, Attica
Dike relocation, Rhine river basin
Rotterdam Water City 2035, Rotterdam
A public roof garden at the new National Archives
A new dike and a coastal path
Musicon - a skate park as flood mitigation