FRI indicator: Multidisciplinary knowledge exchange (engineer, architect/urban planner, sociologist, economist, politician - city government, etc.)

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Rain garden
Evacuation plan
Amphibious building
Beach nourishment
Coastal setback
Data collection
Elaboration of municipal archives on major hazards
Emergency exit of buildings above highest flood level
Emergency operation centre and personnel
Emergency supplies and utilities
Evacuation routes at elevated level
Flood forecasting and early warning
Flood hazard mapping
Green roof
Land use plan / spatial planning
Monitoring and flood forecasting through partnerships
Municipal flood control plan
Hydrological and Meteorological Observatory
Prescription on the construction code
Public awareness, information, education and communication
Rainwater harvesting system
Rainwater storage beneath sports fields
Rescue plan
Flexible water level management
Water square
Wet-floodproofing technology
Stormwater harvesting system
Aquifer recharge
Vulnerability assessment

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