Problem type: Pluvial

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Resilience measures (Show all)

Flood control dam
Living with water - principles
Flood detention reservoir
Sunken lane
Permeable paving
Rainwater storage beneath sports fields
Adjustment of fairway
Bypass channel
Wet-floodproofing technology
Sandbag wall
Unused sewers
Prescription on the construction code
Freestanding barrier
Creation of a second dike line
Evacuation plan
Frame barrier
Multi-level capacity building
Flood hazard mapping
Conventional urban drainage systems
Community involvement
Filled container
Flood gate
Municipal flood control plan
Family emergency planning
Flood forecasting and early warning
Building relocation
Building elevation
Green wall
Flood proof infrastructure
Emergency operation centre and personnel
Multi-functional flood defences
Aquifer recharge
Green roof
EU Flood Risk Management Directive
Government debt instrument
Demountable flood protection barrier
Canal and rill
Water square
Multi-layer safety as a central concept for flood protection
Amphibious building
Building without a crawlspace
Elaboration of municipal archives on major hazards
Independent commission for flood and disaster risk reduction
Maintenance of hydraulic structures of the storm drainage system
Rain garden
Social network mapping
Dry-floodproofing technology
Sectional barrier
Vulnerability assessment
Safety margins in new investment
Flexible water level management
Raised kerb
Hydrological and Meteorological Observatory
Rainwater harvesting system
Public awareness, information, education and communication
Emergency supplies and utilities
Stormwater harvesting system
Improved construction site preparation
Increase of infiltration capacity
Flood shelter
Land claim
Network of waterways
Budget diversion
International loan
Deculverting of watercourses
Floating road
Rescue plan
Flood insurance
Filter strip
Floating building
Filter drain
Sediment replenishment
Floating agricultural system
Tax relief
Flood emergency framework
River Training
Grated channels
Emergency exit of buildings above highest flood level
Data collection
Bioretention area
Monitoring and flood forecasting through partnerships
Dike inspection and/or recovery
Urban forest and park
Wetland and wetland restoration
Stormwater retention tank
Check valve
Evacuation routes at elevated level
Increased capacity of sewer/drainage system
Pumping station
Red alert exercise
Filter trench
Dike reinforcement
Floodplain excavation
Stilt house building
Dwelling mound
Cascading flood compartment system
High water mark
Retention of rainwater in the vicinity of a roundabout
Hydraulic filling
Reserve funds