Resilience measure: Demountable flood protection barrier


Demountable flood protection barriers consist of a combination of removable and pre-installed permanent components. The system is planned to be erected following a flood warning and dismounted after the end of a flood warning. Contrary to the temporary flood barriers, the site of use is constrained by the location of the pre-installed components (foundation). Generally, the demountable components are composed of pillars, which are fixed after the warning alert to the pre-installed ground components. Between the pillars the protection line is inserted, which may consists of beams or plates.
(Ogunyoye F. et. al, 2011)

Co-benefits and impacts

Demountable flood barriers are low cost flood barrier systems, lightweight for safe lifting by one person for rapid deployment, flexibility as it can be configured to any geometry, high strength, choice of bottom seals as it allows flood barriers to sit on existing non-porous surfaces and completely removable leaving a totally flat ground surface.
(Flood Control International, Demountable Barriers, accessed on Sept. 2016)

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