Resilience measure: Emergency operation centre and personnel


An Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) is a central location where response personnel can coordinate and make decisions in support of emergency response activities at the site level. Emergency preparedness involves as much preā€planning as possible and the designation of a variety of emergency facilities can enhance response logistics when an emergency occurs. The EOC integrates personnel, procedures, communications and equipment into a common system with responsibility for coordinating an emergency event such as flood event (Emergency Management BC, 2011, p. 1).

Co-benefits and impacts

The emergency response centre and its personnel is qualified with plans for managing and operating during response and recovery. Key elements of this plan is the authority matrix, conditions under which an EOC is activated and activation procedures checklists and procedures for all EOC functions and roles, forms, templates and other documentation needed to operate an EOC.
(Emergency Management BC, 2011, p. 10)

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