Resilience measure: Monitoring and flood forecasting through partnerships


Organizing and recording partnerships between the various actors so that optimal responsiveness of the population can be produced in case of a warning of a flood event. Strong need in this area for understanding and agreeing on roles and responsibilities including communication with the public and between agencies. Information from fire events and other incidents can be very useful for training.

Co-benefits and impacts

Better organisation, response and transmission of the information/warning. Implementing such measures for droughts, do not have an immediate short-term impact, however, do have a much longer-lasting impact on the community and requires a coordinated/partnership approach.

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Availability of GIS based information system for stakeholders
Use of an Early Warning System (EWS)
Use of a real-time monitoring in the river network
Use of a real-time monitoring of hydraulic structures and urban drainage system
Level of implementation of Flood Directive in Local level
Establishment of Stakeholders Committee on flood risk
Conduction of evacuation disaster drills based on structural failure scenarios
Development and design of evacuation procedures based on flood risk simulations and assessment of results
Availability of evacuation plans with maps
Availability of plans for management of existing road network and protection from flood risk
Availability of crisis management plan with maps
Development and availability of regulations and specifications depending zones of flood risk
Availability of flood vulnerability maps
Legal building reconstruction/renovation for flood risk mitigation/adaptation purposes
Responsible authorities Learning and adapting from previous events
Multidisciplinary knowledge exchange (engineer, architect/urban planner, sociologist, economist, politician - city government, etc.)
Knowledge exchange between scientific community and authorities
Active involvement and support of citizens in flood risk related activities

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