Resilience measure: Multi-functional flood defences


Multifunctional Flood Defences (MFD) is a newly developed concept to optimize allocation of urban space rather than constructing stand-alone structures. MFDs are flood defences that combine the function of flood protection with other functions such as housing, recreation and leisure, commercial buildings, ecology, mobility and transport, underground infrastructure and they are functional parts of the urban or rural environment
(Oderker M., 2013).

Co-benefits and impacts

Instead of modifying the surrounding area for a traditional flood defence, the multifunctional flood defences are modified for the surrounding area. Functions in the surrounding area do not disappear, but they remain or are enhanced. Because of this substantial difference, a MFD can be a spatial solution that allows many functions to be combined using the same area of land as a traditional flood defence, but without jeopardizing the strength of the MFD and the safety of the hinterland (Oderker M., 2013).

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