Resilience measure: Flood emergency framework


Flood emergency framework sets out the government’s strategic approach to achieving the aims set out below and is intended for use by all those involved in planning for and responding to flooding from the sea, rivers, surface water, ground water, reservoirs, artificial waterways and canals. Its purpose is to provide a forward looking policy framework for flood emergency planning and response. It brings together information, guidance and key policies and it is a resource for all involved in flood emergency planning at municipal, regional and national levels. It is a common and strategic reference point for flood planning and response for all tiers of government and for organisations. This provides guidance to the citizens in case of an extreme event that occurs by assuring(insuring) the alert, the information, the protection and the support of the population. (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, Environment Agency and Public Health England, 2014)
Continual simulations of incidences and inter-agency response trials are needed to ensure that the framework works as planned.

Co-benefits and impacts

Implementation of such a framework ensures that operating authorities and delivery bodies understand their respective roles and responsibilities, gives all players a common point of reference bringing together information in an emergency flooding situation, acts as guidance and key policies in a single planning document, establishes clear thresholds for emergency response arrangements, places proper emphasis on the multi-agency approach to managing flood events, provides clarity on the means of improving resilience and minimising the impact of flooding, provides a basis for individual responders to develop and review their own plans and assist as a long term asset that will provide the basis for continuous improvement in flood emergency management. (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, Environment Agency and Public Health England, 2014)

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