Resilience measure: Tubes


Tubes (air filled or water filled) flood protection products are typically pre-fabricated geo-membrane or reinforced PVC tubes filled with air or water to form a dam. They utilise air or water, usually in abundance during flood events. Tubes are another example of temporary flood protection systems.
(Ogunyoye F. et. al., 2011, p. 38 )

Co-benefits and impacts

As an application/example of temporal flood protection system, they are quickly and easily placed and removed, efficiently stored and easily transported (Ogunyoye F. et. al., 2011, p. 38 ).


Air and water filled tubes are generally suitable for long lengths of protection close to a water source. They are not ideal for filling small gaps. They are susceptible to vandalism, tears and punctures. Loss or air or water resulting from this can significantly affect its ability to continue functioning as a defence. (Ogunyoye F. et. al., 2011, p. 38 ).

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