Resilience measure: Floodwall


A floodwall is a primarily vertical artificial barrier designed to temporarily contain the water of a river or other waterway which may rise to unusual levels during seasonal or extreme weather events. They can be realised as mobile flood protection walls, which are build up before a storm event occurs and which are removed after the storm event. Flood walls can also be installed as permanent structures. Flood walls are mainly used on locations where space is scarce, such as cities or where building levees or dikes (dykes) would interfere with other interests, such as existing buildings, historical architecture or commercial use of embankments.
(Wikipedia, Flood wall, accessed on Sept. 2016 & Geocatching, Williamson Floodwall, accessed on Sept. 2016 )

Co-benefits and impacts

Floodwalls can protect a building and the surrounding areas from inundation without significant changes to the structure if the design flood level is not exceeded. They can be used in areas where space is limited and they are easily and quickly erected in pre-constructed sections. (Southern Tier Central, Floodproofing Info #6: Levees and Floodwalls, accessed on Sept. 2016)

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Construction of dikes and flood barrier, Wedeler Au, Schleswig-Holstein (20th c.)
Construction of flood barrier, Billwerder bay, Hamburg (20th c.)
Flood barriers, Nikolaifleet and Herrengrabenfleet, Hamburg (20th c.)
Flood protection system, St. Pauli Fischmarkt, Hamburg (20th c.)
Flood barrier, Lühe, Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Construction of flood protection walls and sluice, Cuxhaven, Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Combined measures, Schleswig-Holstein, Seestermüher Marsch (20th c.)
Flood barrier and dike, Stör, Schleswig-Holstein (20th c.)
Flood barrier, Este, Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Flood barrier, Schwinge (Stade), Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Construction of storm surge/flood barrier, Lühe, Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Construction of flood barrier, Freiburger Hafenpriel, Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Flood barrier, Oste, Otterndorf, Lower Saxony (20th c.)
Construction of lood barrier, Ilmenau, Lower Saxony (20th c.)

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