Source: [Ministry of Environment & Construction Maldives, 2004]


The issue of climate change and sea level rise is detailed in Chapter 2. Based on past trend climate models predict future scenarios of increase in global surface temperatures and a rise in sea-level. The IPCC Third Assessment Report estimates a predicted sea level rise of 0.09 m to 0.88 m for years 1990-2100 using the best estimates (IPCC 2001). More than 80% of the islands in Maldives are less than a meter above mean sea–level rise. The average island size of the inhabited islands in Maldives range around 0.1 to 0.3 square km with largest inhabited island being less than 5.2 square km. The small sizes of the islands force human settlement and vital infrastructure to be located near the coast and thus at high risk from climate change and predicted sea level rise.


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