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Purpose: Calculate the resilience of your city in five different dimensions, visualize the results and find appropriate measures.

How to use: (1) Select one of the five Dimensions. (2) Move the sliders of the indicators to see the effect on the radar chart and the Flood Resilience Index (FRI). The size of the font of each indicator is proportional to its weight. (3) Select another city from the drop-down menu to examine its performance. (4) Click on an indicator to navigate to resilience measures that might influence it.

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Natural dimension
Dimension which describes the natural environment where the urban system is located and indicates aspects related to topography, morphology, terrain, environmental degradation and hydro-meteorological characteristics.
Weight: 18.25%
Social dimension
The social dimension concerns citizens and the welfare of individuals, interaction and cooperation with all members of society and includes aspects related to education, knowledge and awareness of flood related issues, etc.
Weight: 19.84%
Economic dimension
This dimension deals with management and financial resources, livelihoods and related activities and it includes issues such as financial coping mechanisms, urban growth and household assets, saving and insurance mechanisms, etc.
Weight: 19.44%
Institutional dimension
Dimension which concerns organisational issues, cohesion, collaboration and coordination processes related to flood risk management such as Directives, Governance Policies, Legislation, Civil Protections Plans, etc.
Weight: 20.83%
Physical dimension
The physical dimension describes the urban and human environment and its components such as constructions, infrastructure, built environment, utilities, transportation system, etc.
Weight: 21.63%

Further information
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