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Case studies

Name Location of the case study
Flood control dam, Kamaraki stream, Rethymno Rethymno, Crete, GR
Combined Measures, Acharnai, Attica Acharnai, Attica, GR
Flood forecasting and Early warning, Les Boucholeurs Les Boucholeurs, FR
Management of water level of swamps, Les Boucholeurs Les Boucholeurs, FR
Artificial sand dunes and dune rehalibitation, Les Boucholeurs Les Boucholeurs, FR
Flood forecasting and early warning, Marbella Marbella, ES
Emergency Operation Centre, Marbella Marbella, ES
Combined measures, Karlstrup Mose, Denmark Karlstrup Mose, DK
Regulation of Grevebækken, Greve Landsby Greve Landsby, DK
Climate Change Adaptation, Greve Greve, DK
Dike inspection and reinforcement, North Sea coast, Lower Saxony (20th c.) North Sea coast, Lower Saxony, DE
Shore replenishment, Siebenhöfen, Lower Saxony Siebenhöfen, Lower Saxony, DE